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Several stores now carry our Bitcoin gift cards. If you live close to one of these stores, you can stop by and purchase Bitcoin gift cards for cash. Please check out our map view to see if there's a participating store near you.

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Welcome to! To buy bitcoins, please purchase one of our bitcoin gift cards, which will be delivered to you through the mail within a couple of days. You can pay by credit card or Paypal. After receiving your gift card, scratch it off and enter your code online. Then enter a bitcoin address to send your bitcoins instantly, or create an account to store your bitcoins online. To buy some bitcoin gift cards, first please sign up for an account.

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You can buy bitcoins with your credit card on this site by purchasing Bitcoin gift cards and then paying through PayPal. You'll end up paying 10.00% in fees to get your Bitcoins. Before signing up, please take a minute to read our Terms of Service.

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Become a Bitcoin Seller: Put Bitcoin on the back of your business cards

Are you already involved in selling Bitcoins, or interested in spreading the word about Bitcoin? If so you may be interested in printing off your own line of "Bitcoin business cards." These cards make it easy to sell or give away Bitcoins in the real world, and can be customized to include your name, title, email address and/or phone number. To print your own Bitcoin cards, please visit our partner website Sell Bitcoins, sign in and then fill out a form specifying the design and denomination of cards that you'd like to print. We'll print off your cards and mail them to you as soon as possible. Similar to our generic Bitcoin gift cards, these are scratch-off cards with a dollar amount on the front. When you give or sell a card to someone, they can immediately scratch off the card and exchange it's dollars for BTC at the current exchange rate. Then they can withdraw Bitcoins to any BTC address. To get started please visit

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